Firm Profile

by Charles Smith on December 27, 2011

Consistent focus on innovation in architectural design and delivery.

Our method of “Architecture in 4D”, a process driven by the Adaptive Architecture movement we’ve helped spearhead across the country, enables us to offer clients a unique, collaborative experience in the development of their projects.

What makes a LeFevre Wilk, LLC building different? We believe it’s a mixture of providing professional service, award-winning expertise and complete client satisfaction through:

  • A commitment to educate and involve our clients without exception.
  • Our knowledge and consistent use of project management processes and solutions for straightforward and complex designs.
  • A promise to stay within client budget constraints while providing successful, flexible projects.

At LeFevre Wilk, LLC, we want to work with our clients, not for them.

If you’re interested in learning more about our desire to design buildings that respond to the cultural, spiritual, health, ecological, and human experiences of users and occupants, please contact LeFevre Wilk, LLC today at (570) 374-5130 to discover a new way of designingcommercial properties, residences and educational facilities.