Architecture in 4D: Wrapping Things Up

by J. A. LeFevre September 27, 2016

Good morning and THANK YOU for joining us! This post represents the culmination of our discussion on our unique Architecture in 4D project methodology.   “Focusing in the direction of Adaptive Architecture promotes innovation, reflection and longevity through research, collaboration and ingenuity.”     The Architecture in 4D model integrates a number of unique philosophies and methods […]

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Deliver: Handing Over the Keys

by J. A. LeFevre August 25, 2016

Good morning and thanks for joining us! This week I’ll tell you more about the fourth step of our exclusive process, Architecture in 4D; Deliver. As previously stated, client involvement stands at the center of our Adaptive Architecture process. Where the traditional architectural process delivers solutions and gains approvals early in the process and proceeds with implementation, LeFevre Wilk recognizes that […]

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by J. A. LeFevre August 12, 2016

Good morning and thank you for joining us. Today, we will be presenting the third step of our exclusive process, Architecture in 4D; Direct. Close your eyes and imagine the conductor of an orchestra. The conductor, who in our analogy has also composed the symphony that is about to be performed, stands in front of the […]

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The Adaptive Architecture Process & Design

by J. A. LeFevre August 5, 2016

Good morning and thanks for joining us! Consider this, it is a fact that everything we touch and use on a daily basis has been designed.  Sadly most of us are only aware of design when it somehow fails us. Thoughts?  Opinions? The design of a building, at times, can be a daunting task.  The […]

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How Does the Adaptive Architecture Process Work?

by J. A. LeFevre July 28, 2016

In this post, let’s take look at the DESIGN PHASE of our Adaptive Architecture Process. Over the years, our team has uncovered the key to comprehensively designing commercial properties, residences and educational facilities that are intuitive, attractive and functional. We call it Architecture in 4D. We believe that in order to maximize utility, thoughtfully-designed buildings […]

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What Is Adaptive Architecture?

by J. A. LeFevre July 20, 2016

All of our projects employ our principle of Adaptive Architecture that has developed over many years of professional practice, learning from experience/ clients and thoughtful innovation. We believe the traditional architecture methods of practice are proving to be insufficient in a society whose needs change as rapidly as do ours. That’s one of the main […]

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