STEP, Inc.

by Charles Smith on February 16, 2012

Client: STEP, Inc.

STEP, Inc. needed an energy-efficient educational center for children and adults that would flexibly grow for many generations. Having purchased an existing former “big box” space with about 39,000 SF, STEP’s directors recognized they had to work with an architectural firm with a deep understanding of learning facilities and community access points to make the structure usable. Knowing that LeFevre Wilk Architects, LLC (LWA) had designed similar, phenomenal spaces in Lewisburg and Lewistown for Snyder, Union, Mifflin Child Development, Inc. (SUMCD), STEP felt LWA was the perfect fit.

Using the “next generation” buildings in Lewisburg and Lewistown as guides, as well as utilizing its patented 4D Total Delivery Process and adaptive architecture methodologies, LWA set out to create a space that would securely facilitate learning, growing, teaching and fun.

The outcome has become a storybook transformation at over 55,000 SF. Once a dull space, the new STEP building practically bursts with color, style, natural lighting and pleasing aesthetics. It also boasts adaptability possibilities that will enable the STEP staff members, community volunteers, and the area’s children, families and seniors, to grow and evolve as their needs change throughout the coming years.

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