Robinson Residence

by Charles Smith on February 16, 2012

Client: Robinson Residence

The Robinson family was changing, and LeFevre Wilk Architects, LLC (LWA) was brought in to help bring their dream accommodations to life. Though parents Libby and Dave lived in a suburban house with plenty of room, their children were leaving the nest. The couple, eager to experience metropolitan-inspired golden years, wanted to live in town above the office building they owned.

Their intended living space was barren the first time LWA explored it; nothing existed on the top floors of the building. Consequently, LWA started with a blank slate and methodically mapped out a plethora of options for the husband and wife who knew they wanted something “different”, but weren’t sure what “different” looked like.

After taking into consideration Dave’s desire for an office that was reminiscent of a Star Trek starship’s helm, and Libby’s determination to have clean, straight lines, LWA set off to create the perfect city home for the Robinsons to live and work. That involved designing a new, double-wide staircase from the second to third story, dealing with offset floor levels, adding exposed metal beams in lieu of structural walls, an attic play area for the grandchildren and incorporating stone into the mix to “warm up” the non-traditional atmosphere.

The result has transformed a blank slate into a remarkably functional space that makes the Robinson’s “downsizing” from a large country home to a more compact living/working arrangement seem more like “upsizing”.

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