Rec Park Center

by Charles Smith on February 16, 2012

Client: Rec Park Center

Public buildings must be designed with their audiences in mind, but that’s not a reason for them to be bland. That was the driving force behind the professional partnership between LeFevre Wilk, LLC (LWA) and public policy entities including the Lewistown Recreation Authority, the Area Office for Aging, Meals-on-Wheels, the Lewistown Redevelopment Authority and the Borough of Lewistown.

In need of a Rec Park Community Center, the groups counted on LWA’s patented 4D Total Delivery Process and adaptive architecture techniques to design a building that would also tie outdoor spaces of the town park, playground and ball field together.

The project required a delicate touch and an innate understanding of public space needs, both present and future. Additionally, the building site was somewhat problematic in its topography, though this was overcome with innovative designs. To add to the mix, funds and time were tight. However, LWA gladly took on – and conquered – the challenge.

The resultant playful, functional and attractive 10,000 SF Rec Park Community Center includes a decorative, pavilion-like front porch overlooking the park. Inside, public restrooms are accessible, even after the park closes for the evening or season. Various groups up to 200 individuals can utilize any of the interior spaces which include offices, conference room and full-sized gymnasium.

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