Compass Building

by Charles Smith on February 16, 2012

Client: Compass Building

Lewistown, Pennsylvania, was the site of a large, outdated building that had endured many adaptations over the years, and was in need of a tenant and a renovation. Compass, a local company that ran programs for special needs high school children, needed a new home. So did the area’s alcohol and drug abuse social services program, Women in Transition organization, day care for lower income families, and Lewistown Hospital’s free dental care practice. It was up to LeFevre Wilk Architects, LLC (LWA) to make the empty space perfect for all the entities to work together more effectively, pooling their resources and maximizing their dollars.

As is typical of LWA’s Adaptive Architecture philosophy, the project began with a thorough investigation into what each of the would-be tenants needed. After research was completed, some of the main requirements included a community room, ease of entry for all visitors, safety and security at every turn, and enough square footage for each entity to be able to function at its most superior level.

The biggest engineering challenge facing LWA was the building itself. As an old factory, it wasn’t up to codes, nor was it in the best location. It was built on a city dump, the sewage system was antiquated, and the structural integrity was questionable. Yet with limited funds and a number of clients to ultimately please, LWA forged ahead to design a place that allowed people to be served by the agencies in the Compass Building.

Through compromise and planning, the final result has a look of austerity, dignity and professionalism. With many private entrances and a large main stairway, the Compass Building’s stunning asymmetry has become its calling card.

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