by Charles Smith on December 29, 2011

To ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients

LeFevre Wilk, LLC uses a number of carefully-selected instruments and processes.


Our chosen tools, which have proven effective, reliable and cutting-edge include:

Cost Estimating

LeFevre Wilk believes in breaking down anticipated project costs by components. With the help of software tools, the client understands every step of the way how his or her budget is being allocated.

Values Analysis

Through an analysis of the function, user needs/preferences and profitability of the spaces we design, LeFevre Wilk can produce a values analysis. This analysis can then be used to further ensure a space that boosts productivity, maximizes inhabitants’ well-being and functions as a tool.

Project Management

LeFevre Wilk, LLC manages projects from beginning to end without exception. Using our “Architecture in 4D” methodology, we are able to reduce errors, decrease administrative costs, streamline processes and improve scheduling. For more information about this innovation technique, click HERE.

Energy Modeling & Daylighting

High energy efficiency is the aim for most projects. Consequently, LeFevre Wilk analyzes all environmental and energy-related data before designing a building. The result? Buildings that bring a solid return on investment for their owners.

Want to know more about our focus on social responsibility in architecture? Click HERE.


Using technology and 3D modeling tools, LeFevre Wilk, LLC has the ability to show clients a bevy of space options. Together, architect and client can virtually walk through numerous models to determine the best possible one.

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