Architecture in 4D

by Charles Smith on December 29, 2011

Buildings that last aren’t difficult to design.

Buildings that last and have long-term usefulness are.

LeFevre Wilk, LLC has the uncovered key to comprehensively design commercial properties, residences and educational facilities that are intuitive, attractive and functional: Architecture in 4D.

Through Adaptive Architecture, we believe that any thoughtfully-designed building can fulfill today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

LeFevre Wilk, LLC uses a proven “4D” process that anticipates a building’s usages from the moment its doors open to years down the road. This method of anticipatory, pragmatic planning ensures an outcome that is flexible, cost-effective and appealing at all levels.

Architecture in 4D

Step One: DEFINE

During the initial stage, we identify the scope of a client’s project. In tandem with the client and any strategic partners, we define goals, refine present/future objectives, interview stakeholders, synthesize goals and ultimately develop a Facility Requirement Guideline.

Subsequently, we analyze and interpret the data, identify and investigate numerous scenarios, and complete a thorough site evaluation. This enables us to prepare and deliver a preliminary budget that takes into consideration construction and budget requirements, project feasibility and established outcomes.

Step Two: DESIGN

At this stage, LeFevre Wilk, LLC develops the schematic design aimed at addressing the client’s present and future needs. Alternative floor plan layouts and simulations offer options, sometimes quite surprising ones.

As the design gels, we address technology integration and environment factors that affect the overall function of the building. We also evaluate building systems, such as HVAC, plumbing, structural and electrical systems. From that point, we can arrange construction documentation and specifications.

Step Three: DIRECT

During this step, bids are obtained, reviewed and evaluated with the client. After an agreement is reached, LeFevre Wilk, LLC manages all contractors and vendors, overseeing the installation, construction and delivery of every aspect of the project.

Step Four: DELIVER

The ending phase of our “Architecture in 4D” process is the coordination of the final occupancy. This requires inspections and a release of final contractor and vendor payments. It also involves the assembly and coordination of manuals, and, when necessary, onsite training of building systems.

After the project has officially closed, LeFevre Wilk, LLC coordinates a post-occupancy assessment.

It’s a revolution from designing in 3D to creating in 4D.

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