Adaptive Architecture

by Charles Smith on December 28, 2011

Buildings should embolden, beautify, simplify and perceive.

With LeFevre Wilk’s Adaptive Architecture, they do.

Traditional architecture methods are proving insufficient long-term in a society whose needs change as rapidly as do ours. That’s one of the main reasons LeFevre Wilk, LLC helped spearhead the national movement toward Adaptive Architecture over a decade ago.

The highly collaborative client-architect method of Adaptive Architecture takes into consideration many factors above and beyond the current needs of clientele, such as:

  • Resident use
  • Maintenance costs
  • Energy efficiency

Focusing in the Adaptive Architecture direction promotes innovation, reflection and longevity through research, collaboration and ingenuity. By taking the time upfront to consider the changeable geographic, economic, lifestyle and other factors that will inevitably impact a building’s usefulness (not to mention its inhabitants’ intrinsic expectations), LeFevre Wilk’s team is able to plan unique buildings that are reflective, not reflexive.

In essence, this technique could best be called “Architecture in 4D”, as the steps LeFevre Wilk takes with each client are clearly outlined as follows:

  • DEFINE: Identification of project scope.
  • DESIGN: Solving problems as defined in stage one.
  • DIRECT: Manage the project from start to finish.
  • DELIVER: Delivering a finished project to the client.

To learn more about LeFevre Wilk’s innovative “Architecture in 4D” process, click HERE.

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