by J. A. LeFevre on August 12, 2016

Good morning and thank you for joining us.

Today, we will be presenting the third step of our exclusive process, Architecture in 4D; Direct.

Close your eyes and imagine the conductor of an orchestra.

Conductor Shadow

The conductor, who in our analogy has also composed the symphony that is about to be performed, stands in front of the musicians of the orchestra. As the house lights dim and the stage gleams, the conductor’s baton starts moving to set the tempo of the performance. After a bar or two, the conductor brings the orchestra together as the music begins. The conductor is orchestrating the evenings performance. Get it?

In essence, the analogy of the conductor is how we orchestrate the next phase of the project; Direct. During this step, bids are obtained, reviewed and evaluated with the client. After an agreement is reached, we manage all contractors and vendors, overseeing the installation, construction and delivery of every aspect of the project.




Direct (Orchestrating)


• Assist In Obtaining Bids
• Organize & Structure Bidding Process
• Review and Evaluate Bids

Construction Administration

• Manage All Contractors and Vendors
• Track Schedule Costs and Compliance to Specifications
• Approve Submittals and Payment
• Issue Draft Punch List

Installation Management

• Oversee All Suppliers. Vendors from Phone, Networks, Furniture and Other Installation Systems
• Provide Inspection. Review Punch List and Contractor’s Invoice


The Adaptive Architecture we create isn’t simply a matter of great design with potential for change.

The execution of the vision with expediency and control of costs is critical. We, along with our professional consultants, assist building owners and facility managers to oversee the construction, building logistics, and move-in arrangements that help contain costs and speed move-in time. Current usage needs in residential and commercial environments vary considerably. One of our primary goals is to understand how these current needs can be achieved, while integrating potential for modification, infrastructure upgrade and cost effective maintenance control.

Next week, I’ll tell you more about the fourth step of our exclusive process, Architecture in 4D; Deliver.

Let us show you how this process can help you get more from your next project.   Call us today or download a free copy of our Guide to Adaptive Architecture.

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