Deliver: Handing Over the Keys

by J. A. LeFevre on August 25, 2016

Good morning and thanks for joining us!

This week I’ll tell you more about the fourth step of our exclusive process, Architecture in 4D; Deliver.

As previously stated, client involvement stands at the center of our Adaptive Architecture process. Where the traditional architectural process delivers solutions and gains approvals early in the process and proceeds with implementation, LeFevre Wilk recognizes that exploring options for change in the early stages can save time and money as a project progresses.

Clients are exposed to a variety of options before a final solution is determined.

Through a variety of simulations, alternative approaches to construction, technology integration and consideration of a variety of lifestyle or work process scenarios, innovative solutions are explored and discussed. Many are rejected, but without added cost or time.  Sometimes, what in the first instance seems like an inappropriate solution, a new way vision comes to light.

It is imperative to the success of any project that the collaborative efforts continue throughout all four phases of the Architecture in 4D process.

Deliver (Handing Over the Keys)


There are three main components to our delivery process:

Punch List

  • Coordinate Final Occupancy
  • Inspections from Various Regulatory Agencies
  • Develop and Oversee Final Punch List
  • Manage Release of Final Payments for all Contractors & Vendors

Operation Manual

  • Assemble and Coordinate Manuals
  • Review Warranties
  • Coordinate On-Site Training of Building Systems

Project Closeout

  • As Built Documentation
  • Facility Maintenance Requirements
  • Post Occupancy Follow-Up



This evolution is possible through a process that is different from traditional architectural practice, which proceeds in a sequential set of approval stages with little overlap between phases. Although ‘efficient,’ it compromises early acceptance for long term difficulty and expense. Adaptive Architecture sees overlapping stages and ongoing collaboration with clients as a critical element to understanding current and future needs.

Next week I’ll recap and conclude our presentation of this exclusive process, Architecture in 4D. In addition, we will begin profile the people who make up the GREAT TEAM at LeFevre Wilk Architects.

Let us show you how this process can help you get more from your next project.   Call us today or download a free copy of our Guide to Adaptive Architecture.

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